This Hannibal Lecter Story Will Give You the Chills

July 06, 2017

Who hasn't heard of Hannibal Lecter, the serial killer hidden under the suit of a forensic psychiatrist? We all recognize this name, with the release of "The silence of the lambs" and more recently that of the TV series "Hannibal".
The psychopath whom we've seen TV at some point is far from being a fictional character. There are indeed hundreds of Hannibal Lecters in the world, including Robert Maudsley, an English inmate. He has been in solitary for nearly 39 years following the many murders he has committed in cold blood. He isn't allowed to speak to anyone else because he represents a danger to everyone.
Raised by an extremely violent father, Robert Maudsley tried to escape by drug abuse, numerous suicide attempts, and even prostitution. The first murder he committed was of one of his clients, John Farrell. This man would have shown him pictures of a child he had severely beaten. Given his suicide attempts and his drug use, police preferred to send him to the psychiatric hospital rather than prison.
In 1977, he met a man as cruel as himself, David Cheeseman, who helped him torture another patient named David Francis. Police officers who entered the crime scene presumably discerned a spoon buried in his brain, but Maudsley refused to admit that he wanted to eat the remains. This time he was sent to jail, but this did not stop him from committing two other crimes: he murdered another detainee, Salney Darwood, and then hit the head of a certain Bill Roberts against the Wall. He tried to eat his brain but the process was interrupted when police officers arrived. This is when everyone started calling him "Hannibal the cannibal" hence the name of the psychopath in the iconic horror movie. He was then locked away from other prisoners and was put in a glass cell, just like the one in the movie "the silence of the lambs", with six prison guards watching him day and night.
Today, Robert Maudsley is 64 years old and is not close to getting out of prison.


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