This is How to look Well-Rested

Who says you can’t fake a good night’s sleep?
January 09, 2018

You’ve had a sleepless night and don’t want to look tired at work the next day? No biggie, we can fix that issue for you. The last thing you want is to have bags under your eyes and look like a zombie after all! Follow those 5 steps and you’re good to go.

1. Prep your skin
To prep your skin, use a creamy primer to add a bit of sparkle to your skin. It covers up blemishes as well as redness, and gives you a more matte skin tone. 

2. Brighten up your under-eyes
When you’re sleep deprived, your eyes will look dehydrated and tired. You can easily hide any sign of tiredness by simply applying concealer from under your eyes to your cheekbones in a triangular shape. 

3. Eye makeup to look more alert
Eye-makeup can work like a charm if you want to look more alert! You can line your upper eyelids with navy eyeliner. You can also apply a white or metallic liner to your lower lash line. This way, your eyes will look bigger and the whites will look brighter. 

4. Glossy lips
If you didn’t get enough sleep, your lips as well as the rest of your face will look dehydrated. So it’s preferable you don’t go for a bold lipstick as it will make your lips look shabby and unhealthy. A moisturizing balm and a shiny gloss are perfect in those cases.

5. Add some blush
A dash of blush never hurts, especially if you want to look well-rested! It’s preferable you use a bit of peach, pink, or plum blush.