THIS is how you air dry your hair

You’ve been doing it all wrong!
August 22, 2018

None of us want to use a blow dryer when it’s so hot outside, but if we let it dry naturally, it will just look frizzy and uneven. But there’s a way to completely pull off your air dried hair, and you’ll master it in no time thanks to our tips.


For straight hair

If you don’t air dry your straight hair properly, it can easily look flat and lacking structure. You can boost your hair’s volume by applying a texturizer with your shampoo. When you’re done showering, flip your head upside down and comb it with a tangle teaser before flipping it back. As a result, you’ll have perfectly detangled straight hair with lots of volume.


For curly hair

When we think curly, we think uncontrollable frizz. You can keep your strands super smooth and prevent your hair from frizzing simply by moisturizing it during and after your shower with essential oil-based products and a frizz-inhibiting surfactant. You also need to use a wide tooth comb just before your shower by starting at the bottom and then moving upwards. Do not comb it after your shower!


For wavy hair

It’s a bit hard to get the perfect wavy hair, especially when you don’t get to use any heat to dry it. During your shower, you need to use conditioner, of course. But try not to use too much as it will make it crunchy, and too little makes it seem too dull. Another pro tip: after conditioning, gently brush your hair with a bristle brush to detangle the strands.