This is Why Miley and Liam are Made for Each Other

Now that’s true love!
October 07, 2017

Despite the ups and down in Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship, we’ve always kind of known that they were meant to be together. This week, the 24 year old singer shared an adorable story about how her beau couldn’t get away from her. It was when he bought his new house in Malibu that he knew he was ‘trapped’. It turned out that this house was the one Cyrus recorded her first album in, so there are practically hundreds of plaques and albums lying somewhere. “The person hid all the plaques in the garage so he would still buy the house," she said. "So then he went to move in and he was like, 'F***! I cannot get away. This b*** is all over my fucking house!'" And look where they are today; they’re living in this house together now!
The couple met on the set of the award winning drama/romance movie, The Last Song, when Miley was only 16. Now we know that true love really exists!


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