This Lebanese Star Throws Shade on Donald Trump

Guess who it is.
February 20, 2017

It’s not a secret that many, many celebrities despise the American president Donald Trump. Some insulted his family, others even joined protests, but we would never in a million years expect someone to accuse him of a potential World War III! Yes, that happened.

This fearless move was done by Lebanese singer Maya Diab. The star live tweeted Trump during the Lebanese MTV show ‘Menna w Jerr’ to jokingly ask him to grant her a US visa before he starts World War III. “@realDonaldTrump plz plz I want my well ‘deserved’ visa before you start the world war III… Need your prompt answer ASAP.”

According to Annahar, Diab was banned from the USA in 2014 and was placed on a “terror list”. No comment on that, but we all agree that she’s badass!