This season’s signature: Headbands

Wear your statement on your head
By Helena Saadeh
October 15, 2019

From New York to Paris, it is on everyone's head and is one of the most beautiful hairstyles of Fashion Week: the headband.  And the trend is for the padded headband which plays on the volumes. Spotted in a studded version at the Prada spring-summer 2019 show, it is a favorite accessory for Kate Middleton who has worn it many times, whether in velvet or enhanced with fishnet.  Dressed all beige, she coordinated her padded headband to her Alexander McQueen outfit at the baptism of Prince Louis in July 2018.

Like a halo, its rounded shape rests on our head for a decidedly chic look. On smooth or curly hair, small bun or vintage bob, the headband fits all hairstyles. Choose your padded headband in a quilted version, enhanced with pearls and in a wide range of materials, from satin, to jeans and velvet.