This Smoke Doesn't Only Clear Evil Spirits

It also does wonders for your health!
August 15, 2018

You know this smoke that some superstitious people use to cleanse their home from evil spirits, ban the negative energy and stuff like that? This is called smudging. It’s a technique used for thousands and thousands of years, but it’s just now that we discovered another use to it: smudging improves your health!

A new study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology shows that it improves the lungs, brain functions and dermatological complications. Furthermore, scientists discovered that a one-hour smudging session, in which some wood herbs are burnt, can chase away airborne bacteria, which will instantly improve air quality!

Smudging was previously practiced by the Native American tribes. They called it the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing and they used it to get rid of evil spirits. Look how far we’ve come!