This Star is making a Christmas Sweaters Clothing Line!

It’s the only time you will ever want to buy an ugly Christmas sweater.
December 15, 2017

We guarantee that you will want to buy an ugly Christmas sweater after you read this: a new collection of holiday gear was recently launched... by Cher! 71 year old singer just released this hysterical holiday collection as part of her label, Classic Cher, titled “Cher Christmas”.

From sweatshirts to coffee mugs to keychains, you can find anything you want, with her face on them of course! Yes folks, and they’re accompanied by funny one-liners like “Ho ho ho, b*tches”.

“I really have fun with it and it’s, of course, all very positive,” she told Vogue. “We really went out of our way to find the ugliest motifs and fonts for those sweatshirts. We went through three designs or something. It’s hard because you want to make them as ugly as possible.”


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