This Woman is an Inspiration to Plus-Size Gals!

She speaks for all curvy women out there.
July 14, 2016

Today's media captures today the image of an almost-anorexic woman, causing the curvy readers' resentment. Shannon Svingen-Jones, a plus-size herself, decided to put an end to these beauty standards: she founded the plus-size lifestyle magazine FabUplus in June 2016, and currently works as the editor in chief.

The beautiful Canadian had enough nerve up to launch her famous FabUplus project. It's a magazine like any other, however, it has a slightly different concept; it offers lifestyle topics but also gives some advice adapted to all body types. This is why the magazine is so successful.

Shannon isn't the only girl to be proud of her generous curves. Take a look at the beautiful plus-size model Ashley Graham for example, we wish we had her self-assurance!