Those are the Craziest Summer Hair Trends

Crazy but also very stylish!
April 20, 2017

Summer is nearby, which means that the positive vibes are already here. When it comes to positivity, the first thing that comes to mind is bright colored shoes, shirts, nails and even hair. These new hair trends will bring life to your hair, and yes, it consists of an explosion of colors!
Remember ombre hair? Well, this hair trend is the same, but the dark base of the hair is paired with a burst of color on the ends! You can opt for blue, green, pink… The sky is your limit!
Yes, denim as in jeans. You can now have denim colored hair that goes with your favorite pair of blue jeans, and it’s amazing.
Secret rainbow
Secret rainbow hair is no secret to us since it’s one of the biggest trends of the season. Simply dye the inner wicks of your hair in all the colors of the spectrum, this way you can keep your natural-looking hair down when you don’t feel like revealing your true colorful self.
The new holographic hues are out of this world. It’s a set of multicolored metallic or pastel hues placed all over the hair, which gives it a color-shifting illusion. The only downside of this trend is that you should only have a natural bright blonde or grey color to be able to have this holographic look.


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