Tips on how to create perfect Wavy hair

All the celebrities are doing it!
By Helena Saadeh
February 01, 2019

In the event that "easy" was to show itself as a hairdo, it would be wavy hair. The surface—a cheerful medium between voluminous twists and straight hair—brings out straightforwardness and style from whoever wears it. Strands look glossy and smooth yet have a curve to include some elegance.  

Curling iron

In order to achieve the loose waves every pop star actually tried, you can use a curling iron with a flat surface so the waves would be smoothers and more natural. You can create the length you want and the waves you like.

Know when to hold it tight

The waves as you do them on the curling iron have one secret tip: keep the iron moving! Leaving the tool in just one area will lead to crimps and unpleasant curls. You have to know when to hold it tight and when to hold it loose.

Right products and right time

To opt for a more natural look, you are advised to spray a good quality product once the hair is cooled and not while it is still hot, you don’t want to have crunchy curls.