How can we reconcile with our image? How can we feel more beautiful?
May 05, 2016

We all have our little complexes, but when our flaws take over, we disclaim necessarily negative vibes. Special gives you the tips and tricks you need to finally forget about your complexes!


1 / Stop being a victim!
You have an issue about your nose? If you really believe that surgery can help you gain confidence, go for it! Your curves make you uncomfortable? Consult a nutritionist! It's time to take control of your life and act instead of complaining.


2 / Embrace your assets!
Make a list of five physical traits that you appreciate about yourself. Think, there must be at least 5! Once the list is complete, try as much as you can to highlight them! You have amazing eyes? Luscious lips? Learn some makeup techniques that will help you bring them out. You have generous breasts? Tell yourself that others are willing to go under the knife to have your chest! Enhance it with a plunging neckline...


3 / Stop looking at those magazine covers...
Because yes, even the cover girls are edited. Even Megan Fox wakes up with dark circles under her eyes and we bet she has cellulite like everyone else! Forget her pitch perfect photos, since Photoshop has been there, but you can get inspired by her looks or those of your favorite stars to find your own style.

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