Tips to Make Your Eyes Pop

Eye love it!
By Helena Saadeh
January 09, 2019

For a long run

If you want to make your eyeliners last longer, the only way to do so is to match your eyeliner with your eyeshadow. Dab the sides a little to blend the 2 makeup items et voilà!

Make Eyes Pop

If you want to add life and vibrance to your eyeshadow art, first you have to choose the right palette (we got your back), and add white eyeline on your lid to brighten the powder and enhance your eyes and make them more vivid.

Eye Lift

To make your eyes seem lifted and in a better shape, all you have to do is dab white eyeliner around your brow and follow their shapes, you’ll feel the change immediately.

Perfect Lid Tail

Use a spoon or a tape and hold it on the corner of your eye to draw the perfect symmetrical eyeliner. These techniques can help when you first start and then your hand will get used to the process and you’ll be a professional.

Better Eyeliner product

If your eyeliner is a bit crumbly and soft, you can put the pencil in the freezer for a bit to harden it. This will make it easier for you to apply it smoothly.

Remove Unwanted lines

If you don’t want to remove the whole eyeliner as you try to remove the smudges here’s the way to do it: get a skin-colored pencil and draw it to make the perfect outline.

Night till Day

If you want to switch to party mode, here’s a simple fancy way to do so: add a dash of glitter on your lids to switch the entire mood.

Start from the End

Finally, the best way to apply eyeliner is to start from the outer end of the lid slowly to the inner corner of the eye. The smoothest way to shape the perfect look is to draw it in one line.