Tom Cruise Was Injured During a Stunt

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August 14, 2017

Tom Cruise really knows his way around an action movie; he often prefers to do his own stunts to make them more realistic, and the Mission Impossible franchise is no different. The daredevil is known for his iconic role as American agent Ethan Hunt, who casually jumps on planes mid-air and stuff like that. However, this weekend’s stunt wasn’t as easy for the actor. While filming Mission Impossible 6 in London, Cruise was told to jump between two buildings. As you can imagine, it was a big fail: he slammed into the side of one of the buildings… Ouch! He was lucky this time, as nothing serious happened to the 55 year old star thanks to the harness he was wearing.

The badass movie will be in theaters next year. Let’s hope Cruise will stay in one piece till then!


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