Tom Hiddleston Blinded by his Love for Taylor Swift?

He's choosing her over his career!
August 05, 2016

Seems like Taylor Swift has put a spell on Tom Hiddleston. The actor is too absorbed by his love for the pop star that he’s practically sacrificing his career for her! He gave up the role of James Bond to stay by Taytay’s side…

“Tom is a hopeless romantic when it comes to Taylor. His close friends and trusted advisors have been in meetings with him all week trying to talk him out of love” a source revealed. “While he was in LA those closest to Tom were trying to convince him that continuing to be with Taylor will hurt his career but he refuses to listen to anyone.” He continues: "The James Bond role he has been chasing is pretty much off the table unless he dumps Taylor ASAP, but Tom refuses to listen to reason. Producers have shied away from Tom as the next Bond since his involvement with Taylor. Producers aren't fans of the type of attention Taylor brings to any Bond film.”

James Bond, the role of a lifetime… and he’s letting it all go for his girlfriend? We can’t say this isn’t one of the most romantic things the actor has ever done, but isn’t this rather irrational?