Trump Bans Muslims: Kim Kardashian Responds

She went right to the point!
January 30, 2017

This Friday, the new president Donald Trump revealed that he will forbid Muslims to enter the United States. He signed an executive order that banned Muslims from seven nations where the majority is Muslim. Some have started protests, some have wrote long articles, and there are others who reacted in a simple, concise way like Kim Kardashian. She went right to the point by tweeting a picture showing the statistics of the number of Americans killed annually. Here is what the statistics contain:


Number of Americans killed annually by:

Islamic jihadist immigrants: 2
Far right-wing terrorists: 5
All Islamic jihadist terrorists (including US citizens): 9
Armed toddlers: 21
Lightning: 31
Lawnmowers: 69
Being hit by a bus: 264
Falling out of bed: 737
Being shot by another American: 11,737

Way to go Kim!