Tyga Owes 248k to Injured Fan

That’s a lot!
April 13, 2017

Tyga’s music company owes big money to a woman who attended one of the rapper’s concert two years ago. Nope, he still hasn’t paid a single dime.

Apparently, Shyanne Riekena, the concertgoer, sued Tyga's company because of a light stand that hit her in the head during his performance in 2015. This incident left her with head trauma and permanent scarring.
After she lawyered up, Shyanne was originally promised $235k by the judge. However, since there were two years of dead silence on Tyga’s side, the light stand victim has filed additional documents to get a judge to force him to pay up. Due to interest, the amount has risen to $248,553.

No words from the rapper till now, but we’ll keep you posted!