Tyga Reaches Out To Kylie Jenner

He sent her a sweet message!
February 07, 2018

It’s been a while since Kylie Jenner has moved on from ex-boyfriend Tyga. She’s very happy with her new love interest, Travis Scott, and had his baby a few days ago. However, it seems that Tyga doesn’t want to lose touch with the reality star, but it might be more than just that…

Does Tyga want Kylie Jenner back? We didn’t think so at first, but what he sent her after the birth of her daughter is questionable. The rapper sent the makeup mogul a ‘sweet’ and shocking message.

“Tyga sent Kylie a brief text congratulating her on her new baby. He told her that he was happy for her as he knew this was something she has always wanted”, a source revealed. “Tyga also told Kylie that he knew she was going to be an amazing mother. The message was short, sweet, but it also included that he misses her,” the source continues. “He told her he hopes to meet the baby.” A harmless and kind gesture indeed, but we can’t help thinking about his hidden intentions (if he has any). Can exes become friends? Only time will let us know…