Under the claws of a narcissistic pervert

How to recognize a narcissistic pervert?
By Janine Ayoub
October 04, 2016

You get the feeling that your partner is using you to get what he wants, he feels no guilt, is never affected by anything and you are very dependent on him despite his hurtful statements? What if you were dating a narcissistic pervert?


How to recognize a narcissistic pervert?

Very manipulative, narcissistic perverts can seduce both physically and intellectually. They are not known to have feelings, they cannot love. They feel no guilt. They are flattering, seducers and also great actors. The narcissistic pervert can be your companion, your friend, your colleague or even someone in your family.


An overwhelming insensitivity

He wants you to lose your self-confidence. Your suffering makes him feel powerful. Incapable of a true relationship, the narcissistic pervert is insensitive, he never suffers, others do not exist for him. He is only in a relation to seduce and therefore to value himself.


Is there a typical profile of their victims?

Maternal and dedicated women who exist only through devotion to their partner are the ideal prey. These women are often very intelligent, seductive, very generous and open to others but they lack confidence.


Why do they allow to be treated this way?

The victim will forgive this behavior because the narcissist pervert will always find an explanation for his actions "I am overworked, sick, tired..."  He does not love, does not apologize and if you have the chance to get an apology, it’s basically a strategy to manipulate you.


How to cure a narcissist pervert?

A narcissistic pervert does not heal, he will never change. The only solution is to take distance.