Valerie Abou Chacra on the Silver Screen

Always one step ahead
By Helena Saadeh
March 14, 2019

Former Miss Lebanon Valerie Abou Chakra has made steady strides in her career, most recently her success in the “Ma Fyi” series and the Celebrities Duet program in which she has conducted two entirely different experiences as an actress and singer.

The surprise was announced by the producer Sadiq al-Sabah on a film project for Abu Chakra, which the latter welcomed saying that she was dealing with this matter seriously. "I appreciate this gesture. I know that many would like this opportunity."

On the other hand, while she said that she is currently in the testing phase, she confirmed that she does not plan to sing, but at the same time will not hesitate if she has a suitable opportunity.

"I never felt afraid," said Abou Chakra. The experience was beautiful and passed quickly, because I was doing something I loved.”

"Everything that Al Sabbah produces is huge and of a very high standard," she said. As for the acting experience (in the cinema), I was not aware of it, but Al Sabbah company and I have a relationship of trust and identical goals, because everything they want is what I want too. Al Sabbah projects are numerous and I hope that we succeed together. There is no talk about a specific film, but  "every artist working in the field of media wishes to work in the cinema, Different experience from TV. Cinema is great, provided that the actor knows how to choose the role that suits him”.