Vegan Mascara for environmentalists Lebanese Women

A trend we should all follow
By Helena Saadeh
October 02, 2017

For those who are looking for a mascara that is vegan friendly yet at the same time offers outstanding results, the mission can be very hard. That is the reason ladies have been anxiously anticipating Kat Von D's most recent drop. The brand’s first mascara in five years, Go Big or Go Home is a 100% vegetarian and brutality free equation. Utilizing plant-based waxes from  olive and sunflower oil, the recipe doesn't depend on the beeswax usually found in mascaras. The guarantee? Additional volume and lift, leaving your lashes pure black and looking soft. That is down to the brush that was enlivened by a round fiber hairbrush. Due to its lightweight formula, lashes don't drop halfway as the day progressed. Apply two coats to see every single lash covered.