Video games

... A world that isn't very fond of women
November 21, 2016

A 'demoiselle' in distress or a hyper-sexual combatant, the representation of the female protagonists in video games is particularly sexist. The vast majority of the gaming community often denounces the video game industry and accuses it of systematically drawing on the frustration of young teenage men, marginalizing the game girls and conveying a biased image of the woman.

There are rare games where the virtual woman is illustrated in a more credible way. However, most video games are immersed in the cliché of men's fantasies, and consequently reproduce female characters with luscious lips, generous breasts and a bouncy derriere. On one hand, we have the man in video games that embodies bravery, strength and virtue. And on the other hand, the woman is explicitly reduced to a simple sexual object for the male public. These virtual women are therefore often fragile, submissive victims, or rewards for the success of the male hero.

All of this is not new. In 1982, the company Mystique had produced three pornographic video games on the Atari 2600. One of them was called Custer's Revenge, where the player should avoid the arrows of the Indians in order to rape an Indian woman tied to a post. Sadistic? You can’t imagine…
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