Why not?
June 15, 2016

The Audrey Hepburn chignon

Who doesn’t want to be like legendary actress Audrey Hepburn? Her flawless hairdo makes us want to travel in time.


Victory rolls

Oh those sweet victory rolls! Those voluminous curls from the 40’s may be a little unconventional for the 21st century, but they sure are splendid.


The Pompadour

The pompadour was a big hit in the 50’s, and it made its big comeback a few years ago, but in a rather modern version. The singer PINK is clearly very fond of this hairstyle!


50’s Ponytail

So simple, yet so sensual! It’s just like the mainstream ponytail, but it’s the volume that makes all the difference… and a bit of curling at the ends!


Beehive half-up

Brigitte Bardot is most known for adopting this look back in the 60’s. Just do your main half-up hairdo and spice it all up with a bit of volume!