Voyageur High Jewelry

Innovative and timeless work of art
By Hanane Tabet
February 08, 2019

Born from the passion of an aesthete, Bachir Sarkis, known for his love for life and beauty, his spontaneity and his audacity, Voyageur came to life in 2005. Having worked in many fields and traveled around the world, this young entrepreneur has also developed an eye for high quality diamonds and unique gemstones. Captivated by the beauty of rare precious stones, Bachir Sarkis keeps traveling, seeking inspiration and the earth’s finest treasures for his successful and expanding brand, which rapidly gained a reputation of timeless class and elegance, adorning the most beautiful women of the world and becoming a star-favorite in no time. Each piece is an exquisite work of art entwining the natural magic of diamonds, gold and rare gemstones, delicately woven to make a woman’s unique personality shine through.

Voyageur’s uniquely handcrafted jewelry and watches sparkle with creativity and elegance. From trendy accessories, to exclusive pieces and royal collections, the colorful line of expressive jewels is eye catching and exuberant. It is an invitation to live, to love and to explore.

Nature, architecture and people have all been Bachir’s source of inspiration and innovation with Voyageur. The Lebanese brand has become synonymous with power and style. If you are wearing Voyageur, it means you are fierce, you are a woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. You are a modern, strong and sophisticated individual. And that’s exactly the image of women that Bachir grew up with, learning from the best mentor and his greatest influence: his mother, Mrs. Sarkis.

Beauty in life gives us a deeper understanding of the miracle of being alive. It helps us appreciate that while life goes on with all the trials and tribulations, there is ultimately a higher goal. But Bachir is not only a collector of beautiful things, just as he is not only an admirer of the beauty. From business ventures, to philanthropy, to family, Bachir Sarkis is on a quest to fulfill his destiny.

“I have very high standards, and my only competition is myself. That’s why I know I will keep dreaming and I will keep traveling. Voyageur will keep evolving.”

Where will this traveler’s passion take him next? We can’t wait to find out.