Wanna Get Fuller Lips Naturally?

Our makeup tricks will grant your wishes.
February 07, 2018

Plenty of women have smaller lips than they’d like. Some of them constantly attempt to plump them up using makeup and eventually fail, and that’s when most of them decide to go for injections. But what if there’s an in-between? You just need the right makeup tips to master the art of illusion and make your lips fuller using just makeup. Follow our instructions and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Ban the dark lipstick
You read it right! If you have rather thin lips, avoid dark lipstick at all times. It won’t look sexy at all, actually quite the contrary. Dark colors flatten the appearance of your mouth, making it look like a straight line.

Two shades of nude
First of all, apply one shade of nude lipstick all over your mouth, and the lighter shade has to go on the middle of your smaller lip. If you have a smaller upper lip but a full bottom lip, the light must show on the upper lip, and vice versa.

A dab of lip gloss
After putting your usual matte lipstick, dab a bit of lip gloss right in the middle of your upper and lower lips. The shiny texture will attract further attention to your pout, and therefore make it look bigger.

Concealer for a final touch
After applying your lipstick, it’s best if you trace the outside of your lips with concealer using a skinny brush. This will guarantee you a flawless plump lip effect.