We love a well done quickie!

A quick thing is just what we need
April 06, 2017

With our very busy schedule, a quick blow in 10 minutes can sometimes be the best sex you've ever had.
The principle of a quickie is a quick sexual intercourse, without forgetting to zap the box of foreplay and kisses. The goal is to reach orgasm as quickly as possible, but well done too.
Fantasy of all men, the quickie can also be very fun and exciting for women ... provided they are teased enough! Do not underestimate what you can do in minutes!
Our advice for a nice quickie, favor the skirts or pants easy to remove rather than hyper tight jeans!
The pros for choosing a quickie? No need to be well shaved since you barely have time to lift your dress! You are not in your best lingerie? And then, in the quick sex no time to pay attention to the small details!
The cons? You are unlikely to have an orgasm, for lack of time! Beware of being quick-sex in a long-lasting relationship, this can quickly become frustrating for the woman who needs more time to reach orgasm than man!

Our Favorite Places for a Quickie

A lift

At the top of the list of places ideal for a quickie, although climbing or descending several floors is not enough for the quickest quickies! We therefore recommend that you stop the lift for a few minutes, and avoid getting out of the main floor at the risk of crossing the neighbors!

Movie theater
As clichéd as it sounds, making love in a movie theater is always an exciting experience, and there are less chances of getting caught. Movie theaters are the best place for oral sex!

The toilets of a restaurant, pub ...
A hot appointment gives you impatient cravings? Head towards the darkest corner of the nightclub or the toilet but be careful to attract attention with your screams ...

You arrived a little earlier than expected in friends? Why not surprise your partner with a quickie unexpectedly in the stairwell?

Classic and unoriginal, but a quickie in a car can be a very memorable experience. If you run out of time, you can comfort your partner while driving ...

In the office
It does not just happen in movies! Whether it's a person you like at work or your partner who visits you unexpectedly, with nothing but a coat, heels and nothing underneath!