We’re Seriously Creeped Out by those Blac Chyna Dolls

Who would buy them for their kid?
August 21, 2017

We would kill to have Blac Chyna’s confidence, but come on, hasn’t she gone a bit too far this time? Rob Kardashian’s bae thought that it was a good idea to launch a line of Blac Chyna dolls. And she will be selling them to kids. What a combination, huh?

The Instagram model launched this collection to honor her fans who call themselves “Chyna Dolls”. Yes folks, they have the exact same look as Chyna: from the extra curvy body to the huge floral tattoo… and don’t forget the skin-tight dresses and bodysuits that are not at all okay for children.

So, do you want the Blac Chyna dolls to be the next Barbie? Childhood ruined.


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