We would die to get Hilary Duff's curves

Like seriously!
June 14, 2017

Let’s just take a minute and contemplate Hilary Duff’s sexy curves. Anyone who thinks being skinny is the only way to look beautiful hasn’t been paying attention to the actress’s hot body. The former Disney Channel star known as Lizzie Maguire is not afraid to show off her toned curves. Her secret? A healthy diet and lots and lots of cardio.

The American beauty wasn’t always this confident about her body. She had a hard time dealing with her post-pregnancy belly. "It was so hard for me. It's such a bummer, honestly. You have this new baby. Or, in my case, he was 1, and I was like, 'I still have this body! What happened?'" Well, she’s smokin’ hot now, and we should follow her example to stay fit and healthy!