Weight loss and fitness apps

So practical!
By Joyce Najm
June 07, 2016

No matter how much we try to lose weight before summer, we can rarely resist our cravings, and we have a tendency lose control. But it's not because it's hard that we should just give up. Here are 4 weight loss and fitness apps that will help you stay motivated!




The passionate runner and favorite hostess of French television, Karine Le Marchand, has launched her own program called Smilesrun, developed with running and health experts. Smilesrun is for runners who are just starting out and want to learn to run with pleasure.


Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club (NTC) offers a 15 to 45 minute program to complete at home. This complete application, perfect for beginners in fitness, offers various programs: slimming, toning, endurance, fitness etc.


My Diet Coach

A versatile application that can be used as both a diet diary, a calorie calculator and a personal assistant that encourages and motivates you in your weight loss process. To lose weight intelligently without feeling that you're on a diet, this app helps you take really good habits. It sends you reminders to drink lots of water, eat fruits, eat vegetables with every meal and be on the move!