What does Wael Kfoury’s ex-wife have to say?

Is silence an answer?
June 10, 2019

After a marriage that lasted nearly seven years, Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury separated from his wife Angela Beshara after problems between them which lasted for two years.

The duo had been silent since the beginning of their relationship, but his wife had reacted to the news of her divorce from Kfoury and wrote: "Silence is also an answer."

"I personally announced Wael’s marriage when it happened, and since I am a friend of Wael, I respect that hr likrd to keep his personal life private," said radio presenter Rima Njeim,  He is also free when he divorced and did not tell us and this is his personal life. "

"On his behalf, I declare and affirm that Wael got officially divorced and he is now free." Angela did not stay silent after Rima’s declaration and said: "My love, may God gives you good health. I thought you were smarter than that."