What Does your Online Behavior Say About You?

June 16, 2017

Staying home every day of the week makes you an introvert, writing poems and playing instruments means that you’re creative. But is it the same for your online habits? Even though some say that our online behavior doesn’t reveal much about who we are, there are some studies that prove the opposite.

It turns out that our browser history says more than we thought about our offline personality. Web searches and web page visits, emails and social network activity can show some of your traits. Psychologists define this as our extended self.

Dr Michael Kosinki, Cambridge’s Psychometrics Centre researcher, says that that Facebook ‘likes’ can define how extroverted, intellectual and prudent we are. Our tweets can reflect how extroverted and emotionally stable we are, depending on the words we frequently use. Other social media platforms or online discussion forums can reveal if someone is antisocial, narcissistic, sadistic and so on. Studies also show that there is a connection between porn addiction and impulsivity/irritability.