What Happened to Salvador Dali’s Grave?

You will never believe it.
July 22, 2017

There is very strange news that involves legendary 20th century artist Salvador Dali. Maria Pilar Abel Martinez, a tarot card reader, claims to be his daughter. Therefore, Dali’s grave located in north-eastern Spain, was dug up in order to settle paternity suit, and samples were taken from his corpse to see if they match the woman’s DNA.
The fortune teller says her mother, Antonia, had had an affair with the surrealist painter back in the 50s, when he had been already married to his wife Elena Diakonova, aka Gala, for 20 years. It was Martinez’s mother and paternal grandmother who told her that Dali was her real father. According to Martinez, her grandmother told her: "I love you a lot but I know that you're not the daughter of my son. What's more, I know who your father is - he is Salvador Dalí".
However, experts are questioning the paternity claim, and here’s why: Ian Gibson, a biographer of Dali, said in his writings that the Spanish artist claimed to be sterile, and that therefore, there was no way that Martinez could be his biological daughter. "Dalí always boasted: 'I'm impotent, you've got to be impotent to be a great painter’," said the biographer. The case is still ongoing.


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