What men really want in bed

Girls, take notes.
March 09, 2017

Their fantasies are quite different from ours. And when it comes to disclosing their secret desires ... well, let’s just say that men are even more discreet. Don’t worry ladies, we’ve done our little investigation to reveal the things that our men love in bed. Girls, take notes.


Let him check you out…

Women can be stimulated by simple details like a little thought, a smooth smell or a nice word. Men are a little more complicated, they need to actually look at it to get into sex mode. This is why positions such as the doggy style excite them terribly. They get to have a panoramic view to your buttocks and it’s all they need! The missionary is also appreciated since it allows them to see us having pleasure. You can always use a location with a mirror so you can get a full view of the action! If you really feel brave, let your man look at you while you give yourself pleasure. Above all, never ask him to put out the light during sex. Now that you know that our men are very visual, add a bit of sassiness with a sexy outfit, a kinky costume…

They have much more erogenous zone than you think!

Before you rush on his member, you should be aware that our men, just like us, like to be caressed, even if their erogenous zones are different from ours. The penis, of course, remains the star of the most sensitive areas, closely followed by the mouth, lips, testicles, inner thighs, the top of the neck, nipples, and finally the ears!

Men don’t want a "nice girl" in bed

In each of us hides a little sex goddess, well bring it out girls! Women are often afraid to display their naughty side in a relationship, but hey, that’s what they need in bed!