What's in Kate Middleton's purse

If you ever wondered what's in Kate Middleton's purse, you came to the right place
By Helena Saadeh
December 06, 2018

Compact mirror

When all the spotlights are on you, you have to make sure that every inch looks great every once in a while. Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, mastered the art of keeping up with the beauty pocess. Steal a look or two on the compact mirror you have in your bag to make sure your hair and makeup still look fabulous. it's called compact mirror because it's meant to fit in your clutch-no matter how small it is. Therefore, we suggest you get the two sided one: normal and magnified, in order to have a detailed idea on how you've been keeping up with the heat, cold, or papparazzi flashes!

Piece of blotting paper

It’s sunny outside, it’s raining outside, no matter what the weather has to offer, make sure you have this blotting paper to save the day before taking glam poses. When you do your best to look great in all pictures or outings, you have to think of every detail. If you have oily skin this is very crucial, because blotting paper helps if you want to get rid of excessive oil -whether it's natural or from your makeup such as foundation or sunscreen.


Hygiene is important in every detail. Therefore, a handkerchief is necessary for a day out to prevent any unwanted dust. You may not do as many handshakes as Kate Middleton does, but we're pretty sure that you'll come across many situation where a handkerchief would be in handy. If you want, you can customize your own and have your initials embroidered on it to add a dash of fashion. 

Lip balm

This is a crucial need for a day well spent. You need it after eating, after talking or drinking, you need it all the time. Make sure your lips are always hydrated with a lip balm kept constantly in your bag. You can get a scented and colored one. However, make sure you can wear it anywhere you land and make sure it matches what you're wearing. You can get a colorless glossy one which will add volume to your lips. Just remember to keep track with the date and always renew it.