What should Lebanese Fashionistas wear during Ramadan?

Here’s the ultimate list
By Helena Saadeh
May 07, 2019

The holy month of Ramadan begins with its beautiful spiritual atmosphere, happy occasions, and crowded gatherings. You are definitely preparing for many of these occasions, coordinating your clothes and choosing the right pieces for this special atmosphere.  That's why we decided to help you, by browsing some of the Arab blogging tricks, to appear in stylish and fragmented views at the same time.

The black abaya

It is certainly a staple in Ramadan, but the most beautiful one is to choose it with an unconventional, more modern design, not just a large black cloak with no details.  For example, you can choose with finely embroidered details, or with innovative edges on the ambush, waist, and collars, perhaps incorporating another color such as gray. Of course, the selection of luxury accessories will give it an ideal look.

The long open caftan

The secret of its beauty is that it is modern and practical, you can wear it on long dresses with no details, and with wide canvas pants, perfect for daytime views, and for quick walkers.

The wide dress

The wide dress with no details, but in bright colors to add some life, you can wear it with the flat  shoes in the day, and high heels in the evening.

Collar Dress

Closer to the light coat, held on the waist with a belt, but more feminine and elegant, choose it in a strong color such as blue or green.


The ideal solution for turning the wrong pieces of Ramadan into a more modest one. For example, you can wear it with a long skirt, or over an open dress.