What to wear on New Year’s Eve?

Straight from the red carpet
By Helena Saadeh
December 29, 2018

You definitely want to start 2019 adding many resolutions to your life. However, you might want to go in wearing the most stylish and fashionable outfits because the resolution starts at minute 0. Don’t worry, we have your back!

Sparkly Long Dress

With all the confetti and sparkles during the NYE, you might want to shine a bit brighter and show off your fashion assets. In that case, you should wear a sparkly long dress, cozy and comfy, and you should also do a low messy bun to complete the look.  We tried to search for a fashion mistake in Priyanka Chopra’s Ralph Lauren look but we couldn’t find: red lipstick, bright shadow in the inner corner of the eyes, and red nail polish are a must. 

Wide sleeves and ribbons

For less obvious sparkles but more fashionable attire, Rowan Blanchard in Gucci is the look for you. We have for you the perfect eyeshadow palette for this occasion. Make sure you wear open heels to show some legs and add dangling earrings for a more formal look. Hollywood Glamour hairstyle is the perfect match for this outfit.

Blazer and laces

If you want to go in 2019 strong and empowered, this is your perfect look match. Black blazer with laces and a fierce look. Ashley Graham combined strong and sexy in her Alexander McQueen outfit. Dark red lipstick and straight hair are smoothly associated and the star pulled off the look in a perfect balance between fabrics and accessories.

Sexy and stylish

For the fun peeps out there, reflect your character in your dress. Risky and sexy at the same time, nobody can top Amandla Stenberg in her red Chromat look. Uneven earrings is a must to complete this flirty look, but make sure the straps are firmly closed if you want to start 2019 with no drama.

Fringed look

If you dance, they dance with you! The fringed look is such a fun outfit to start the new year with. Noami Campbell seems to agree with us as she wore her fringed red Calvin Klein outfit with matching red shoes. Here’s a small tip: if you go extra with your dress, stay simple with your hair.