When Scott Disick Doesn’t Get Invited to a Party…

… You don’t wanna know what happens.
November 08, 2017

Something really weird happened today in the Kardashian clan, and we don’t exactly know how to feel about it. Scott Disick threw shade at Kourtney Kardashian (to the point where he started calling her names). Why? Because she didn’t invite him to Khloe’s birthday party. Huh?!

“F*ck, I didn’t even get invited to her birthday. And I’m family. That was really sweet. That made me feel really good,” says Scott in a furious tone. “There’s only one person that would have gotten me not invited and that’s Kourtney. I highly doubt that Khloe was like, ‘The last person I’d want at my surprise party would be Scott,'” Scott says. And then, when Kourtney explained that she didn’t want his picture to be taken at the party, he said her answer was “bullshit”, and he proceeded by calling her “fake”. Outch!