Which is better: Fenty Beauty or Kylie Cosmetics?

Which one do you vote for?
By Helena Saadeh
June 26, 2019

A beauty race is raging between Kylie Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty! Behind these two brands compete strongly two women; the first comes from the world of entertainment and singing and the second comes from the reality TV world.  They are both Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, each of whom sits on a throne worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

Fenty Effect

 Anything RiRi touches turns into gold, a gold worth 500 million euros.  This figure represents the sales of the Rihanna group in its first year of work, LVMH revealedFenty Beauty was launched in partnership with the Kendo Beauty department in France, in September 2017 and instantly had the "Fenty Effect".

Let's take a closer look at what Fenty Beauty means to LVMH, the worldwide retail giant.  Rihanna Cosmetics, exclusively launched at Sephora, made sales of $ 100 million in the first 40 days, while other brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills needed years to achieve this success.

 However,  LVMH acknowledged that the growth of the brand slowed in the final months of 2018 after the first "massive" half.  Competition with other beauty brands such as its biggest rival, Kylie Cosmetics, is increasing.

Kylie Jenner

 Kylie Jenner launched her cosmetic line in 2015 under the name Kylie Lip Kits, as she launched her famous lipsticks. the company was renamed Kylie Cosmetics in 2016. In 2017, it was revealed that the brand generated sales of $420 million in the past 18 monthsAnd when it comes to promoting her products, Kylie knows that she is the ultimate influencer, therefore she uses her own face to show the makeup.


Jenner’s largest sales date to date was on November 21, 2016, when its e-commerce site achieved $ 18,926,657.29 in sales.  This is evidence that Jenner can equate Rihanna's fuss, but has yet to build a sustainable business. First relied on direct sales which still carries a variety of its products in the lip category, and does not have the power of the international Sephora behind them, as the company she collaborated with has not yet expanded outside the United States.

Although Rihanna's sales may be better, Jenner may be richer than her beauty line.  Jenner owns 100% of her brand, having built it from scratch. Rihanna's share in Fenty Beauty was not disclosed publicly, but LVMH's share is significant.