Which Mascara Wand Suits you Best?

Here’s a complete guide.
September 04, 2017

There are so many types of mascara nowadays that it’s getting harder and harder to choose the right one for us. All those different brushes we find in drug stores are so confusing… You don’t have to worry about it anymore; check out our list to find the best mascara wand for your lashes.


For extra volume

In case your lashes are too thin, look for the thick, densely bristled rectangle brushes for a bit of volume and definition. Pro tip: when you’re applying this brush, wiggle from the roots all the way to the tips of your lashes.


To create a curl

Try to focus your mascara application at the lash line, using a curved wand. This will make your lashes more curled and you’ll look more awake as a result. To produce a more dramatic effect, you might want to start with an eyelash curler.


For long lashes

The sparse, super short bristle is best when you apply it against every lash from root to tip. If you want a false lash effect, go for an hourglass shaped brush.


For a clump-free effect

The S-shaped wand is your go-to mascara if you don’t want any clumps to form between your lashes. You can apply multiple coats without having your lashes all clumpy. The traditional shaped plastic brush is also great for a clump-free look, and it will also separate your lashes evenly.


For a cat-eye look

The tapered comb mascara wand has a 2 in 1 property; the pointed end will help you reach those small unreachable lashes on the inner corner of the eye, and the larger part is used on the outer lashes to make that cat-eye look we all love.