Who-wore-what at the People’s Choice Awards 2018

The People's Designer award goes to...
By Helena Saadeh
November 11, 2018

The People’s choice awards is the most awaited time of the year. People wait in anticipation the results and the unofficial fashion show that takes place during that time. This is why special magazine decided to show you the best fashion outfits that dazzled the fashion-oriented audience.

  • Rita Ora is wearing a Versace dress.

A golden star is wearing a purple Versace dress embroidered with golden leaf-like accessories. The dress cut on her left leg defines the terms fierce and sexy.

  • Chrissy wore a Zuhair Murad Short dress

The public is all over the couple’s romantic news. However, this Family knows how to keep the spotlight directed towards its members. The star knew how to choose the right dress: a low cut dress with pastel colours that match her dress. The embroidered dress was well coordinated with simple accessories.

  • Kendal Jenner is wearing a Ronald Van der kemp

Sexy in black! Kendal Jenner always manage to look perfect in whatever dress she wears. However, this van der kemp dress made her stand out from the rest of her family that night. A bit eccentric and a bit creative, just like the star's attitude in the fashion industry.

  • Victoria Beckham wearing a...

Victoria beckham outfit! This star who managed to pull the most awaited catwalk in the history of fashion managed to pull one of the best looks for the People's Choice Awards. This is her signature style: a blazer matching her pants -and her famous pose. The white outfit along its texture was much needed to burst the classy attire of that night.​

  • Scarlett Johansson wearing versace

Versace was one of the main fashion house that dressed the celebrities at the People's Choice Awards 2018. Johansson can make a classic look much sexier. The strapless dress with her laid back hair made such a statement on the actress' impression that njght as she gave us a glance on the upcoming season's trends.

  • Balmain dressed Gwen stefani

Wearing a sparkly mini dress, Gwen couldn't go unnoticed. The star had all eyes on her during the event as she made an impression with her military styled and colored dress