Why Miss Lebanon should be the next Miss Universe

Maya Reaidy, we cheer for you!
By Helena Saadeh
December 08, 2018

Miss Universe is such an awaited event across the globe. Each country cheers for its contestant all over social media and channels. However, despite all the fuss around it, we clearly believe that this year the crown should go -back- to Lebanon! Maya Reaidy has a lot of potential and here’s why we think she should win:

She looks like Miss Universe Lebanon Georgina Rizk

Spécial Madame Figaro was the first to notice the extreme similarity between Lebanese Miss Universe 1971 Georgina Rizk. This is the time to bring back the crown once again where it belongs, here, in Lebanon.

She’s training hard

Miss Lebanon 2018 shared a viral video showing her trainings and photoshoots for this huge event in Thailand. With the help of Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih, Maya has all the potential to own the stage and win the heart of the universe – and the juries. She’s been to the extremes of the earth, USA-Lebanon-Thailand.

She has beauty and brain

She’s a pharmacy student at the Lebanese American University. She’s a hard worker and she has intellectual potential -and obviously beauty. Her soft features and her friendly character are bound to turn the eyes all over her.

She is popular among other contestants

Not only her fanbase in Lebanon is always expanding, but other international accounts are following up her work and Instagram activities. There’s more! Even some previous voting and suggested results show that she’d probably reach the final stage.

We hope tonight a flashback of 1971 will occur and Maya Reaidy will return home  with her new crown. For more Miss Universe updates, stay tuned with Spécial Madame Figaro.


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