You Can Regrow Your Eyebrows in No Time with This Simple Trick

May 02, 2017

Having bold brows is the asset that every woman longs for, but not every woman can get their brow wish granted – well, at least we used to think so.  You don’t need to spend a dime on your brows anymore, well only a few bucks to buy your Rogaine. Yes, Rogaine. But be careful, it might be risky since we don’t know what doctors think of it! Even though its use might be a bit dangerous, people don’t seem to care. This trick is even trending on social media.

This is what happens: simply swipe some Rogaine over your brows with a Q-tip once a day. This brand is a dermatologist-approved solution that can regrow hair on the scalp, but brow hairs have never been thought of up until now.

Doctors don’t exactly know about its impact on brow growth. "It hasn't ever been shown to be effective in that area," says dermatologist Neil Sadick. "No one really knows how Rogaine works". What we do know is that using this product near your eyes might cause irritation. Would you try this out despite its unknown side-effects?