You Will Never Guess Who Brad Pitt is Dating

Here's a clue: she is South African.
August 24, 2017

After several months of separation and divorce trial, it seems that Brad Pitt has finally found his happiness in the arms of another woman... and the rumor has it that his new conquest is none other than Charlize Theron.

The 42-year-old actress revealed on the Howard Stern show last July that she had been seeing a man for several months. An "incredible" date with an "impressive" man, she said. "We went on a 15-kilometer hike. It was the full moon." Today, the rumors are pointing at Brad Pitt.

A source said that the 53 year old actor and the 42 year old South African star are in a relationship. "Everyone knows that they're together. They have a lot of chemistry and they're both so sexy!"


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