You Won't Believe Which Grey's Anatomy Star is Back

Fans were literally speechless!
September 27, 2017

The whole internet is going crazy over the latest rumors: it seems that the one and only Derek Sheperd will be back for another season of Grey's Anatomy! We can't believe our eyes...
Everyone is so agitated because of a photo posted by actress Kate Walsh: the former Grey's Anatomy star - who played Derek Sheperd's ex-wife - has allegedly posted an image of her and of his colleague in doctor suits on her Instagram account the night of September 25. "Oh, look who's back ... #tvdoctors #bts," she wrote as a caption.
But how could the character of Derek wander between the corridors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital if he died in a car accident at the end of season 11? Unless the series turned to science fiction, and it's actually his ghost who haunts the show.
Many fans of the show are convinced that the character of Dr. Sheperd is not actually dead. Shonda Rhimes admitted in her book "The Year of Yes" that the series revolved around the theme of Alzheimer's disease that Meredith's mother was suffering from. The rumors then say that Meredith would have inherited this disease and that she had imagined the entire series. We're not sure of anything, but this scenario would be rather frustrating...
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