Your Best Hair Moment is NOW

Make the best of it!
August 30, 2018

When we’re still in a young age, it’s only logical that we should have young-looking skin, body and even hair! The key to carrying those same young features for ten years or more is to take good care of them. So, is anyone having a bad hair day, week, month or even year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: here are the things you should and shouldn’t do to get the best hair ever.


Throw out your dry shampoo

If you have a habit of using dry shampoo when you’re on a hurry – or worse, when you’re not in a hurry – we’re sorry to say this, but it only belongs in once place, and one place only. The trash! Let’s explain this a bit: dry shampoo is like a placebo; it does not actually clean your hair. Instead, it causes scalp irritation, which can cause hair loss. Plus, the product will build up on your hair with time, which will only make your hair look dull and heavy. So, are you still thinking of skipping the shower?


Regular trimming is a must

It will grow faster, they say, but it’s actually a myth. Skipping the regular trimming will not encourage extra length, whereas cutting off the ends will most definitely make it grow into healthy and radiant looking locks. The best time laps between your trimmings is about 8 weeks. Not only does it help you get rid of those annoying split ends, but it’s also the best way to keep it strong and avoid breakage. Take our advice, and you’ll notice radical changes, so what are you waiting for?


Change your diet

You’re eating junk food every day, skipping breakfast, avoiding fruits and vegetables, and you’re complaining about your hair not looking the way you want it to be? You need to step up your game, girl! Your hair is the first thing affected when you have an unstable diet causing a vitamin deficiency. It loses its shine, becomes dry, dull, and hair loss is also possible. The most important nutrients for your hair are protein and Omega-3. Your hair is made of protein, so when you’re protein deficient, your body literally uses the protein from your hair… therefore, bye bye instagrammable mermaid hair!