Your Lipstick Won’t Last All Day? Kylie Jenner Has the Solution

Check out her trick!
January 03, 2017

Since Kylie Jenner probably knows as many makeup tricks as some professionals, she has become our makeup guru. Especially concerning lipstick, because well, just look at her lips!

The reality star has recently posted on her website some tips and tricks on how to put lipstick that can last all day, and she was inspired by the technique of her makeup artist Hrush Acheyman as he applied the brown lipstick she wore at the Vera Wang show during the New York Fashion Week in 2015.

"Start by applying a conditioner or primer to moisturize your lips and prevent them from looking dry or cracked," writes Jenner. "It will also help your color last longer!"

Jenner adds one last touch of concealer on a brush or a Q-tip after applying her lipstick to make sure it doesn’t smear all over her face. Clever!


Kylie’s favorite lipsticks and lip accessories:

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Too Faced Lip Insurance Primer

Make Up For Ever Concealer Pencil

Nars Concealer