Your Psyche is a Real Trickster

June 27, 2017

Did you know that your mind can cause physical symptoms? People tend to think that pain is just a physical sensation, but it is way more complex than that. Of course, it’s not always the case. You first have to rule out the biological factors; if the lab results turn out to be negative, that’s when you can start thinking about psychological and emotional causes. This phenomenon is called somatization.

But what exactly are the mental factors that can cause somatization? Somatoform manifestations are often caused by stress. Just like people say, stress “eats you up from the inside”. It can also be caused by a lack of expression. Verbally expressing your daily problems is really beneficial for both your mental and physical health. Furthermore, if you don’t express your psychological pain with words, your body will most probably express them for you, and it’s not pretty. It can develop into chronic pain or a chronic disease, worst case scenario. Some people tend to escape stressful situations by complaining of a physical occurrence, but the pain is real despite the lack of biological proof. For example, a headache can actually be a way for your mind to escape an unpleasant argument. As you can see, your psyche is a hell of a trickster.

Physical symptoms of mental health problems can be chest pains, tiredness, dizziness, back pain, nausea, arthritis or even sexual problems such as infertility. However, you have to keep in mind that those kinds of patients rarely get better with medication; they have to solve the root of their problem which is purely psychological. Once you’ve uncovered the real reason behind your physical pain or illness, it can all go away. That’s what psychotherapists are for, so if you suffer from inexplicable pain, don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it!