Your Signature Look Based on your Zodiac Sign

December 13, 2017

When it comes to fashion, Aries is as creative as it gets. It’s not that you wear bold colors or prints, it’s actually the total opposite: you like low-key outfits, but that doesn’t stop you from setting trends with your pairing magic.
Your go-to style is the effortless fashionista look. You manage to look good while doing zero effort. Making a statement is your thing: Cozy jeans, cool sneakers and voilà!
One signature style? Not really your thing. You have a chameleon-like look, which means that you’re as comfortable in a super feminine dress as you are in boyfriend jeans and an oversized t-shirt. You love to switch it up, and that’s what we love about you!
Wow, who’s that super classy lady? Probably a Cancer. Yes, you're all about the classics. Feminine, sophisticated grown-up pieces are totally your thing, and everyone is always excited to see what you will wear next.
Leo is literally a walking firework. Much like your personality, your style is exuberant, colorful, and full of joy. Nobody knows how, but you always manage to pair the most improbable pieces and still look good in them.
Let’s put it that way: when you’re in a store, you’re the one who spots the most beautiful pieces in a matter of seconds. Virgo is the sexy but subtle fashionista, and gives a hint of sexiness to any outfit they come across.
If we were to ask someone what your signature style is, they would never know what to say. Why? Because you’re the master of mixing. You can look edgy in a leather jacket one day and sensual in a cute little satin dress the next.
You were probably the most tidy and organized kid in class. Fashion wise, you’re always polished and neat. You like to stick to your look, but manage to add a little bit of edginess. Refined doesn’t have to mean boring!
Sagittarius has, is or will be a fashion blogger at some point in their life. You’re structured, feminine and love bright colors and prints. You bring out your joie de vivre through your sense of fashion.
Like the Capricorn you are, you usually go for the simplest and most sophisticated look you can find. Even though you love to get all dressed up, you won’t wear it if it isn’t discrete.
Your look is ever-changing, innovative and eternally colorful and fun. Following the trend is not your main goal, in fact, you don’t care what people think, you simply wear what most makes you happy. Bold colors and wild prints? You never say no to them!
If you’re a Pisces, you’re a creature of the ocean. Flowing pieces like silk and veil are your all-time favorites, no matter the current trend. Your style is mostly described as bohemian with a hint of sexiness.