Your three lipsticks for the season

You can never go wrong with these
By Helena Saadeh
April 02, 2019

Rouge Volupté Shine, N°93 Rose Singulier, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

The freshest color you can wear this season in YSL’s numéro 93! Very light and very glossy, it is in perfect harmony with the vibes for the Spring-Summer and can latch almost any outfit you decide to wear. This lipstick will give you a feminine and soft look.

L’Absolu Rouge, Lancôme

A bit bolder and a bit darker, the Absolu Rouge should be opted for in more formal occasions such as dates or more formal meetings. Make sure to go light on the eyes with this one.

Pure Color Desir, Rouge Express, Estée Lauder

This Rouge Express gives you an empowered and fierce look. Very strong and very seductive, there is no turning back once you wear it.