Zendaya Victim of Racial Discrimination?

Today’s society needs so much progress...
September 09, 2016

Zendaya claims she was a victim of racial discrimination while shopping with a friend. Apparently, a store worker refused to help her out because she’s black.

It all went down at Vons supermarket where the 20-year-old actress wanted to buy $400 worth gift cards, but she did not expect to be refused service because of her skin tone. The store manager saved the situation by offering her his help.

Zendaya took to Snapchat to share her offending experience with her followers. She said on the snap that the worker “wasn’t a huge fan” of her skin tone. Not only was he rude to her, but he ended up “throwing” Zendaya‘s wallet at her.

By posting those short videos, the star wanted to explain that today’s society still needs “so much progress”. This racist worker should be fired, don’t you think?